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Vidyasagar Bani Bhawan PTTI

-----SINCE 1935 -----

About Us

Nari Siksha Samiti,a nonprofit making society registered under ACT XXI  of 1860 was founded in 1919 by Lady Abala Bose,wife of Illustrious Scientist Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose with the objective of educating children girls and women.

Lady Bose was also the pioneer thinker for establishing centres like Mahila Shilpa Bhavan in Kolkata and Jhargram for providing, vocational training to distressed women ,widows. For that particular purpose she established Vidyasagar Bani Bhawan Primary Teachers’ Training 1925.

For the education of adult women the sister Nivedita adult education scheme was started in 1938. Initially the activities of the samiti started in a mented house in badur bagan road prior to obtaining the land form the Calcutta municipal corporation 294/3 A.P.C road in order to enable the girls and women trained in the samiti’s institution to earn their living in honorable ways are respected members of the society.

Our History

The following vocational training centres were established-

Vidyasagar Bani Bhawan (Widows Home),1922

Mahila Shilpa Bhawan ,1926

Vidyasagar Bani Bhawan Training School (Jr. Sr.)1935

Adult Primary Education Centre (General & Home Industries) 1938

Vidyasgar Bani Bhawan, Jhargram 1939

A scheme of Vidyasagar Bani Bhawan Training was started in 1925(formly from 1935) within the premises of Nari Siksha Samiti. Now it isVidyasagar Bani Bhawan Primary Teacher’s  Training Institute ( VBBPTTI ).

Our Vision

The Vision Of This Institute Is To Foster Inclusiveness In Access Of Higher Education, Irrespective Of Class Or Caste And To Instill Students With Positive Value And A Humanistic Spirit Of Service To The Wider Community.

Quality Of Teaching, Almost Without Exceotion Depends On The Quality Of Teachers. Teachers Have the Opportunity and Privilege of Making a difference To Young Students They Teach.

Our Mission

To provide experience-based learning for multifaceted development.  To sets standards for professional preparation of educational leaders. To foster innovative and responsible integration of technology in education. To install the spirit of enquiry through research.