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Vidyasagar Bani Bhawan Government Aided PTTI

-----SINCE 1935 -----

About Us

Vidyasagar Bani Bhawan Primary Teachers’ training institute is one of the most renowned and prestigious government aided primary institutes of West Bengal. It was founded by Lady Abala Bose,an eminent being, who had toiled endlessly to bring forth Bengal’s women from their life of distress and establish them as independent and self sufficient citizens. The institute was primarily established in the year 1925, to provide vocational training to distressed women and widows so that they may earn their living in honorable means and get established as respected citizens of the society.
Later on , Vidyasagar Bani Bhawan Primary Teachers’ training institute acquired its present responsibility of training girls to become future teachers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inculcate the habit of discipline, dedication and determination in the young minds of the future Teachers.
To provide knowledge and necessary inputs and enable our students to carry out teaching equipped with the various Process Based Teaching Learning Skills.
To encourage the future Teachers to treat their students’ needs with utmost care, to practice Child centricity,to include Play-way methods in their day to day achievements.
To provide experience based Learning for multifaceted development.
To foster innovative and responsible integration of technology in education and also to instal the spirit of Enquiry in the students through research.

Our Vision

The Vision Of This Institute Is To Foster Inclusiveness In Access Of Higher Education, Irrespective Of Class Or Caste And To Instill Students With Positive Value And A Humanistic Spirit Of Service To The Wider Community.

Quality Of Teaching, Almost Without Exceotion Depends On The Quality Of Teachers. Teachers Have the Opportunity and Privilege of Making a difference To Young Students They Teach.